Enhanced Scents - Pheromonal Lip Gloss
Enhanced Scents - Pheromonal Lip Gloss
Enhanced Scents - Pheromonal Lip Gloss
Enhanced Scents - Pheromonal Lip Gloss
Enhanced Scents - Pheromonal Lip Gloss

Enhanced Scents - Pheromonal Lip Gloss

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With an all-natural infusion of pheromones, this intimacy boosting lip gloss is formulated to create deeper bonds and more intimate moments with your partner.💘

Designed to Make a Difference😍

Enhanced Scents Pheromonal Lip Gloss has been going viral, and our results explain why. This lip gloss not only provides a captivating shine but also adds a certain spice✨ to your life.

Benefits of Pheromonal Lip Gloss

Infused with Pheromones
💘- Infused with natural pheromones to spark intimacy and affection.

Moisturizing Formula
💧- Deeply moisturizing and non-sticky, ensuring a comfortable wear.

Safe and Effective  
✅- Crafted with safe ingredients for maximum efficacy.

Long-Lasting Effect
⏳- Effects usually last 2-4 hours.

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Nothing is more important to us than the safety & effectiveness of our products. Pheromonal Lip Gloss is composed of three main ingredients that are both flavorful & functional for all genders

✔️ Releaser Pheromones(boosts desire for intimacy)

✔️ Modulator Pheromones(boosts desire for deeper emotional connection)

✔️ Real Fruit(for sweet fruity taste)

Pheromonal Lip Gloss contain ZERO illicit drugs or substances. All ingredients used in are professionally dosed and undergo extensive quality control from our trusted suppliers.

What is a Pheromone?

Pheromones are special chemicals that our bodies release. They can influence how other people in our surroundings behave when they sense them. Pheromones work like hormones, but instead of acting inside our bodies, they affect others around us.

Are Pheromones safe to use?

Using perfume with human pheromones is safe because it has natural ingredients, no harmful chemicals, has been tested by dermatologists, has controlled amounts, and is easy to apply. We follow all the rules for making perfume, and people who use our pheromones have had good experiences.

What makes deeper intimacy gloss special?

Our lip gloss is infused with pheromones, which are scientifically proven to enhance attraction and desire between partners. It's also cruelty-free, vegan, and naturally lip plumping!

How long does Enhanced Scents last?

Our lip gloss is crafted to deliver enduring moisture and shine, keeping your lips soft and captivating all day long. Feel free to add another layer if you prefer even more shine!

Is it safe to use?

Absolutely! Our lip gloss is crafted exclusively from all-natural ingredients, allowing you to wear it as frequently as you desire. It's ideal for everyday use or for those special moments when you want to feel particularly alluring.

Will the lip gloss leave a sticky residue?

Absolutely not. Our lip gloss is designed to be non-sticky, allowing you to relish its moisturizing benefits without any unwanted residue.

Greater Intimacy & Stronger Emotional Bonding

We all need love, intimacy, and affection, but daily stress can make connection tough. Deeper Intimacy Gloss helps you reconnect and rekindle the spark with your partner, lasting 2-4 hours per use.

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